XPaint Records

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what is?

xpaint is a record label upon which lots of quirky, funky, and creative-commons music is released under an assortment of pseudonyms

is xpaint software?

no, but it kinda sounds like it, doesn't it?

alias index


git funky  •  innovation  •  reduce/reuse  •  革新  •  scratch and sniff advisory  •  wintermoon  •  dj jab bumble  •  sturgeon cruiser  •  lfo raincoat  •  beat street  •  lucy says don't  •  roundabout mobius rainbow  •  jointpasser supreme  •  olympic clavinet players  •  fnky.flwr  •  0/10 carts collected  •  vipassana snoozin'  •  xpaint bites


hiro fujita  •  marine sternographer archives


jasper caruso