Git Funky's FAWM 2021

  1. A Pocket-Hymn For The Spiritually Curious
  2. Herbs & Sunshine
  3. Dancing On The Rooftop
  4. Make The Moon Shine Like The Sun
  5. Wigs On Nocturnal Parrots (ft. lil hat)
  6. Wonky Wednesday Night
  7. A Nifty Organ In The Cafe
  8. Lemonade For The People
  9. A Dove That Sells You Sunglasses
  10. Looking Backward To Look Forward
  11. Mister Windchill
  12. Fog Train
  13. A Moment For Solidarity
  14. Snowmen At The Brat Fry
  15. A Wink And A Smile
  16. Green Unwind
  17. Zebras In Chicago
  18. Clown Wisdom For Breakfast
  19. The Bossa Of Peaks And Valleys
  20. Jagged For Fun
  21. Around And Around (ft. lil hat)
  22. Ice Cream Souls
  23. Cosmic Snorkle
  24. A Dragon Of Future Fables
  25. Eight Ways To Greet An Octopus
  26. Orange Peel Gemini
  27. Foolish Hearts In Strange Times
  28. Fighting Against The Void
  29. An Ice-Cold Glass Of Retrofuturism
  30. A Deal With The Devil
  31. Life's Simple Pleasures
  32. All My Friends
  33. Bardo Demonstrations
  34. Third Side Of The Coin
  35. Golden Moon
  36. Enhanced Limeade
  37. Serotonin Jungle
  38. Sonic Illusions (ft. yasha)
  39. Sunset Storybook
  40. Frozen In A Block Of Ice
  41. The King, The Queen, And The Two Of Clubs
  42. A Vibrant Bonus Level
  43. That Fish Grew Wings
  44. Four-Dimensional Clock
  45. Polaroid Flowers (ft. xfloorpunchx)
  46. When The Ocean Speaks
  47. Always In Drive
  48. Absurdist Claymation About Fishing
  49. A Prayer For Peace
  50. The Spark That Burnt It Down
  51. Geometric Anxiety
  52. Hazy Tumbleweed
  53. Elevator Towards Decay
  54. Doge Of Babylon (ft. chris)
  55. Windsurfing In The Digital Age
  56. A Groove Etude For The Spiritually Satisfied